In 2006, in response to a community request for support from volunteer organisations and volunteers across the region, the Adelaide Hills Council, the District Council of Mount Barker and The Hut Community Centre worked together to establish Hills Volunteering to recruit and train volunteers in the Adelaide Hills region. In May 2009 The Adelaide Hills Volunteer Charter was formally launched.  Development and review of the Adelaide Hills Volunteer Charter was supported by a regional partnership in consultation with volunteers and volunteer agencies. The Charter outlines a commitment to build strong relationships between all organisations involved in volunteering in the region and identifies the roles and responsibilities of each party.


Together, we recognise that volunteering provides strong social and community networks that build the capacity and resilience of our community. We acknowledge that a successful and flourishing volunteering community will have a direct positive impact upon the future prosperity of the Adelaide Hills region.


As the Volunteer Resource Centre (VRC) for the region, Hills Volunteering promotes volunteering, opens up avenues for volunteers and builds the capacity to attract, train and support volunteers.

Hills Volunteering is a regional partnership between:

  • Adelaide Hills Council
  • The District Council of Mount Barker
  • The Hut Community Centre
  • Mount Barker Community Centre
  • Adelaide Hills Council Community Centres


The Charter aligns with the strategic outcomes of the Volunteering Strategy for South Australia 2014-2020 which was the result of collaboration between the Government of South Australia, Business SA, the Local Government Association of South Australia and the peak body Volunteering SA&NT.

Strategic Outcomes

  • Volunteering is an integral part of life's journey
  • Volunteering connects our communities
  • Volunteering improves the health and wellbeing of our citizens

The Adelaide Hills Volunteer Charter is designed to:

  • Acknowledge the value of volunteering in our community
  • Develop a vision for the future of volunteering in our region
  • Ensure the sustainability of the regional partnership
  • Promote and facilitate volunteering in a manner that benefits the community

Hills Volunteering and partners will:

  • Provide community leadership that supports and encourages volunteering
  • Value and promote volunteering across our communities
  • Actively acknowledge the endeavours and successes of volunteers and volunteering organisations
  • Identify needs and trends within the volunteer sector
  • Support the Adelaide Hills volunteer community by providing access to resources
  • Promote best practice in volunteer program management
  • Recognise volunteering as a pathway to further education, employment and community outcomes
  • Maintain partnerships across the levels of government and between organisations that support volunteering

Volunteers will be encouraged and supported to:

  • Act in accordance with individual organisation’s policies and procedures
  • Commit to fulfilling their agreed role to the best of their abilities
  • Accept responsibility for personal safety and development
  • Attend training to support and enhance their volunteering


We, the undersigned, accept the responsibility to ensure the advancement of volunteering in the Adelaide Hills region. This Charter confirmed on the 16th day of May 2014.

  • Zoe Bettison, Minister for Volunteers
  • Mayor Ann Ferguson, The District Council of Mount Barker
  • Mayor Bill Spragg, Adelaide Hills Council
  • Gunter Scheide, Chairperson Hills Volunteering


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