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Hills Volunteering publish current volunteer vacancies in a weekly feature entitled Community Connections in the Adelaide Hills free newspaper The Weekender Herald.

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Vacancies are also posted on the websites of The Hut Community Centre (Aldgate) and Volunteering SA&NT.

Volunteer Vacancies

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Looking for New Volunteers? Did you know that Hills Volunteering can promote your vacancy in the Weekender Herald and at interviews. Vacancies are usually run for three weeks, free of charge (at July 2017). Please advise when vacancies are filled. To advertise a vacancy please download the TWO forms below and email to

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If you are looking for a volunteering opportunity but do not see a vacancy that suits you, call 08 8391 7015.


Frequently asked questions (FAQS)

What thoughts go through people's minds when considering volunteering?  Volunteering SA&NT have listed a number of frequently asked questions (FAQs) on their website. Here are some of the answers they have provided.

What are the benefits of volunteering?
As a volunteer, not only are you giving to the community but you can also reap rewards from your volunteer work. Volunteers often gain personal satisfaction, develop social networks, learn new skills, gain work experience and maintain existing skills.

How much time do I have to commit?
The time and commitment required to be a volunteer varies from agency to agency and will depend on the volunteer position you choose. The commitment may be as little as an hour a week or as much as two days a week depending on the needs of the agency and on the availability of the volunteer.

Where can I volunteer?
There are many areas in which you can volunteer. You can work indoors, outdoors, one on one or with groups, day-time, evenings or weekends, weekly, monthly or just occasionally.

What kind of agency/organisation involves volunteers?
Volunteering typically takes place in not-for-profit agencies. A not-for-profit's objectives focuses on community outcomes, rather than existing to earn and re-distribute taxable wealth to employees and economic and shareholders.

Are there short-term volunteer opportunities available?
Yes there are. If you are not as interested in an ongoing volunteer role, there are plenty of other short-term opportunities available. Short-term volunteering roles usually take place in organisations involved in celebrating a special event, exhibition, radiothon and festivals.

Is training required?
Training and skill requirements vary amongst organisations. Some positions require little formal training and specialist skills, whilst others have greater requirements. Training is generally provided for by the agency, volunteers should not be required to incur any expense for the training they undertake.

Am I covered by insurance?
It is important to ask an organisation if they have insurance to cover you in the case of accident or injury as Volunteers are not paid employees and are therefore not covered by WorkCover. You should ask the organisation if they have both Public Liability (the policy must mention Volunteers) and personal accident insurance for volunteers. Personal Accident and Injury insurance cover should provide protection in the event of an accident whilst performing volunteer work.

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